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ASP Software

Throughout this post I will explore the case study, “Reorganizing Human Resources at ASP Software” and serve as a consultant. Throughout this case it is easily identifiable that there is an issue caused by a new change that is presented to the employees. I will explain the solution through an intervention known as the Organizational Design Intervention and how it would serve ASP best.


Throughout this post I am going to describe the challenges faced at Crossroads and what OD solutions I believe should be applied to help resolve the problem. After reading the case, I believe that the Search Conferences and Future Search intervention will best support the needs of Crossroads with supporting evidence from the case to support my answer.

Doc System Billings

Throughout this post I am going to give an analysis of the DocSystems Billing Inc. Case. DocSystems Billing, Inc., is an insurance company that processes billing paperwork for a network of small health care clinics throughout the United States. DocSystems has 4 different types of employees with different roles. There are around 100 employees called billing specialists who work at an outsourced call center. There are 30 medical staff who handle cases of moderate complexity. Then there are 10 senior insurance consultants who handle the most complex cases. In this case we can see that there are many issues that can be resolved through OD solutions.